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Inspections & Audits

Food Hygiene Inspections and Audits

Internal Audits:

firsttrainers can perform tailor-made food hygiene Inspections and audit of your food safety management system (FSMS) at a frequency that is appropriate to the size and nature of your business. We can carry out inspections and audits on a programmed basis, but these will prove nothing as, you will be prepared for the visit and ensure all is in order with regards to your food hygiene management system.

Ideally, we would prefer to conduct these ad-hoc inspections and audits unannounced, just as any FSSAI food inspector would, this will prove that you are following your food safety management system.

Being prepared for dealing with an enforcement visit can be beneficial, and it can help you to avoid some of the obvious pitfalls, firsttrainers will act as a fresh pair of eyes looking through your business processes.

Following the inspection and audit, we will provide you with a detailed report specifying  any deficiencies found, and how to rectify them, so you can take immediate steps to correct them and take suitable corrective action.

Food safety audits are a vital part of any food business and  they should not be feared. Audits actually  help you avoid bad publicity and enhance your reputation. They also help to demonstrate due diligence and reduce the risk of any enforcement action by the food inspectors.

Supplier Audits:

Supplier auditing is a vital part of business effectiveness, and can help you to comply with food hygiene legislation – especially when considering due diligence.

Supplier audits provide a credible verification system to the food industry including retail environments, meat, fish, poultry, vegetable and produce suppliers. Having a HACCP plan in place is often a first step to a successful food safety management system, but it is not entirely enough to ensure that food safety standards are being adhered to on a consistent basis. Purchasing food products from an outside source may directly impact on the success of your business, if your supplier does not adhere to the same strict food hygiene standards as maintained in your operations.

FSSAI requires food businesses to have systems and procedures in place to ensure the traceability of foods, raw materials and ingredients.

Here at firsttrainers we can perform an effective supplier audit service giving you the peace of mind that your suppliers are working to a satisfactory level of hygiene, quality and safety. It also helps you to take appropriate action when required.

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