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FSSAI Registration:

FSSAI Registration is required for those entire food business operators who are involved in a petty food business. The Petty food business operator is any person or entity who:

  • Any person who manufactures or sells any article of food himself or through any other petty retailer; or

  • Any hawker, itinerant vendor or temporary stall holder; or

  • Any individual who distributes food in any religious or social gathering except a caterer; or

  • Other food businesses including a small scale or cottage or such other industries relating to food business or tiny food businesses having an annual turnover of not more than Rs. 12 Lakhs and whose:

    1. The capacity of production of food (other than milk, milk products, meat and meat products) does not exceed 100 kg/ltr. Per day or;

    2. Procurement, handling, and collection of milk is up to 500 Litre per day or;

    3. Slaughtering capacity is 2 large animals or 10 small animals or 50 poultry birds per day or less.

Eligible individuals/entity to obtain FSSAI Registration:

Procedure for Obtaining FSSAI Registration:

  • Petty food business operators are required to obtain FSSAI registration also known as a basic license.

  • This registration can be obtained by submitting an application to food and safety department.

  • The application shall be submitted in Form A.

  • The application for registration can be accepted or it may be rejected by the department.

  • If the application is accepted or rejected it shall be intimated by the department within 7 days from the date of submission of the application.

  • The decision of the department regarding the accepting or rejecting the application of the FBO should be intimated in writing.

  • The registration certificate granted by the department after accepting the application shall contain the registration number and the photo of the applicant.

  • At the time of carrying on the food business, the food business operator should prominently display the certificate of registration at the place of business.

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