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FSSAI Licensing And Registration

Every individual or food business operator who is any way related to manufacturing, storage, transportation or distribution of food product must compulsorily obtain FSSAI Registration or License. In India, registration or licensing of the food business is governed by the food safety and standards regulations 2011. Whether you have to obtain an FSSAI Registration or FSSAI License depends upon the size and nature of your business.

Benefits of FSSAI Food Licensing & Registration System on a Food Business:

1. Usage of FSSAI Logo - FSSAI logo with license number placed rightly on menu, boards or pamphlets can help food outlets increase their business. This logo depicts the trust and validity of the product that it is safe to consume.


2. Legal Aspects

Most of the new food outlets and restaurants avoid the FSSAI food licensing & registration system to save the money and to avoid the hectic process of documentation in the early days of business. To avoid the later repercussion, one should get its FSSAI license with other valid permissions before officially opening the food outlet. Therefore, the FSSAI food licensing & registration system helps ensure the quality of food at your restaurant

3. Customer Acceptance

For those who are opening the restaurant for the first time, or starting a new outlet, they can also use FSSAI logo on their bills and packaging for home delivery which will further enhance your relationship with your customers. Most of the people will perceive your restaurant as a brand if your restaurant is certified by the food standard and safety authority of India. 

4. Helps in Business Expansion

If you are already a renowned restaurant or food outlet and you want to replicate your success in a different area of the same state then you can use your existing food license.  Also, if you want to go big and open a chain of outlets in a different state of the country then you have to get a central license from FSSAI. 

5. Standardization of Kitchen and Raw Materials

The guidelines from FSSAI help restaurant owners to procure standard raw materials and grocery which further gives assuredly of quality food. FSSAI expects that every food outlet and restaurant that is certified under the authority should follow certain rules, procedures, and process to maintain a standard and hygiene in the kitchen.

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