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How our consultancy works?

One Consultant from firsttrainers will be assigned to dedicatedly work with you and your team through the implementation process step by step.  The consultant will give you a detailed work plan covering all the stages of the consultancy starting from gap analysis until the certification audit. Upon mutual agreement of the schedule, the consultant will proceed as detailed in the steps below.

  1. GAP Analysis : 

Once you decide to proceed with one of the management system certifications, we will carry out a gap analysis . This gap analysis helps us to study the existing controls, processes and procedures and ensures that the appropriate action and system is implemented thereby reducing the risk and also conforming to the system for which the certification is being sought for.


    2. Documentation of the Management system ( for which the certification is sought for):

Once the Gap analysis is completed, our consultant will proceed with the preparation of the HACCP/ Management system (as desired) related documents which will be unique and meet your business needs and requirements.


   3. Training:  

firsttrainers will carry out an awareness training programme related to the management system being certified thereby ensuring that all your management team and staff members are familiarized with the system being implemented, which would help in improving the desired results.


   4. Implementation: 

firsttrainers will then provide all details pertaining to step by step implementation of the management system thereby guiding the whole team in the implementation process as required by the newly documented management system.


   5. Internal audits:

firsttrainers will prepare for the internal audit after implementing the system for at least 3 months. This audit would include reviewing documents, interviewing of staff, assessing the implementation of the procedures and controls thereby evaluating the effectiveness of the system implemented. The internal audit would give the team an idea of how the audit would be done by the certification auditor and hence prepare them to face it with confidence.


   6. Certification audit :   

Audit of the management system by the Certification Body.

   7. Maintaining the certification:

 firsttrainers would provide you with an ongoing support to maintain and improve the certified management system.

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